Alcohol? No, thank you!

It is so uncool to drink alcohol while travelling by train!

Since many passengers share this opinion, enno is alcohol free. This means that it is fordbidden to drink or to provide alcohol in the trains.

My suggestion: Go to a party and drink there, and I will take you home safely afterwards.

Drinking alcohol in my trains will be expensive: My staff is told to prevent you from drinking alcohol in my trains. If you get caught, we will be obliged to charge you 40 EUR and to verify your identity.

I think that is not worth it, so please just do not drink or provide alcohol in the enno trains. Thank you!

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Why does enno forbid the consumption of alcohol?

The consumption of alcohol in trains very often causes loads of trash, dirt and noise.

Other passengers do not like this. They often feel threatened or uncomfortable.

I want everybody to feel comfortable when riding an enno train. That is why we have asked our passengers, and 85% of them wish a strict interdiction of alcohol consumption on board.

I agree that this is more secure and pleasant for everyone, so please join in!

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