WIFI - always online with enno

Whether you want to read important e-mails or visit your friends on facebook – enno is always online. And so are you, thanks to free WIFI in every train.

Once you are in one of my trains, just look out for the WIFI network “enno”, accept the conditions of use and start surfing the web.

When you get on an enno train the next time, the WIFI network will recognize you and you can start surfing immediately.

Please note:

The WIFI bandwidth is limited. Facebook, e-mails, “normal” websites etc. load quickly and easily, even if many passengers are online at the same time. Please note that streaming films or music is not possible, because we want to offer enough bandwidth to all of our passengers simultaneously.

The free and omnipresent WIFI in enno trains is new and totally unique in German local traffic. In case of minor errors or a bad connection in the beginning, please give enno some time to become more experienced and to optimize the system step by step. Thank you!

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