Niedersachsentarif (Lower Saxony fare)

The uniform fare in local traffic

Travelling by train makes your life easier and offers you time to read or simply to relax. Thanks to the Niedersachsentarif, using the train in local traffic and changing into other public transport is really easy to handle.

The Niedersachsentarif was introduced on the 9th June 2013 as a uniform and common local traffic fare valid for all locally active train-operating companies (TOC). This fare applies to all local connections within Lower Saxony as well as for trips on local trains between Lower Saxony and Hamburg or Bremen.

Consequently there is now for the first time a train fare valid for all train-operating companies in Lower Saxony; they support and develop this fare together, although they are still in economic competition.

The aim of all participants is to make the railway travel in local traffic easier and more attractive for more people.

Which are the advantages of the Niedersachsentarif?

The Niedersachsentarif offers various advantages.

For the passengers:

Thanks to this common fare, a splitting of the local traffic fare into serveral private fares could be avoided. Passengers can buy one Niedersachsentarif ticket which is valid under the same conditions for trips with all the different train-operating companies.

Since the introduction of this fare it is possible to choose the interconnected mobility services for several destinations. To continue your journey in the city of destination, it is possible to buy e. g. a local bus ticket in the same purchasing process as the train ticket.

For the train-operating companies (TOC):

The Niedersachsentarif (Lower Saxony fare) offers the same framework conditions for all train-operating companies (TOC). They can influence the structure of the fare and benefit from a transparent and fair distribution of the revenues.

The Niedersachsentarif GmbH (NITAG) is a neutral and independent organization that controls the Niedersachsentarif in the interest of all participating train-operating companies and guarantees a punctual and appropriate distribution of the fare revenues among the companies. The train-operating companies can hence benefit from economic planning security.

The train-operating companies in Lower Saxony are more flexible because they only have to concentrate on local needs and not on a federal fare. The TOC operating in Lower Saxony define exclusively the passenger conditions in local traffic in Lower Saxony.

For the responsible authorities:

Thanks to the Niedersachsentarif, the fairest uniform framework conditions possible have been created for future tendering procedures. Consequently, Lower Saxony will continue being an attractive site for future bidders and providers.

Transparent framework conditions lead to more competition and a better price-performance ratio. This allows the responsible authorities to make efficient use of the regional financing provided by the Federation, which on its part helps to improve the quality of local traffic.

The efficiency rate and the total number of passengers are to be increased to guarantee attractive local traffic offers in Lower Saxony also in the future. Therefore the rate develops continuously, cooperations are improved and more innovative ways of selling are tried out.

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