Severely disabled person’s pass

Severely disabled passengers can use the enno trains for free if they possess a severely disabled person’s pass with a valid stamp in it. In case they need an accompanying person (marked with the letter “B“ in the pass), this person will travel free of charge in the enno trains as well. This also applies to assistance dogs.

It is also free of charge to transport luggage, a wheelchair or other authorized orthopaedic devices, as long as the structure of the vehicle is appropriate for this purpose.

As long as there is enough free space in the enno trains, health aid devices like e. g. (recumbent) tricycles, long Laufräder (> 1200 mm) or inseparable handbikes can be transported, if the letter “G” or “aG” is marked in the disabled person’s pass.

All kinds of modification of a severely disabled person’s pass or the stamp in it make this document invalid as a train ticket.

Barrier-free travelling

All enno trains are equipped with an access ramp that helps passengers in wheelchairs to get on the train as easily as possible. You can see the according section of the train thanks to a huge wheelchair symbol next to the doors.

The easiest way for you would be to register online or on the phone before starting your journey. When you call us, a passenger attendant will wait for you at the door of the train, so that we can guarantee you trouble-free and comfortable acces to our vehicles. Of course this service is free of charge.

Please register for the weekend (Saturday / Sunday / holidays) by sending us an e-mail before Friday, 5 pm, if possible.

From Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am until 6:30 pm, you can also register by calling (+49 581 97 164 174).

Of course we will also be pleased to help you in case you did not register previously!

A passenger attendant is needed to operate the access ramp. In case the passenger attendant is not near the door, you can call him by pushing the “wheelchair” button outside next to the door.

How to register directly (online):

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