Refugees from Ukraine: Free travel on metronom, enno and erixx trains

The first refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Germany. To make it easier for them to continue their journey safely and quickly to relatives, friends or reception centers, they can now use metronom, enno and erixx free of charge.

On request, Ukrainian refugees only have to show their passport or a Ukrainian ID document on the train, which serves as a substitute for a ticket on regional and local trains. The scheme is being implemented nationwide in coordination with Deutschlandtarifverbund GmbH and is also supported in the region of Lower Saxony by Landesverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen mbH.

"I am very pleased that we have quickly found an unbureaucratic solution in view of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. It was immediately clear to us that we had to help within the scope of our possibilities," says Dr. Lorenz Kasch, Commercial Director of metronom and erixx. He adds that the passenger service staff has been instructed to also be accommodating with refugees of other nationalities who can credibly prove a previous residence in Ukraine. The regulation is valid until further notice; the railroad companies reserve the right to make changes.

Ukrainian refugees also travel free of charge on long-distance trains until further notice, but according to Deutschlandtarifverbund GmbH, a free ticket must be purchased in advance at a travel center. This is possibly already available in Poland and is also valid for combined long-distance and local transport connections.

Refugees also find helpful information in German, English and Ukrainian here:

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